Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Franciscan Novena: Day Seven

A Litany of Praise
by Phillip Garcia, ofm

We praise you for rising sun and waning moon, for gently changing shades of coral and blue and gray--

We praise you for distant sound of ocean waves greeting dawn for the billionth time--

We praise you for glistening black-feathered crow, perched, surveying canyons-

We praise you for eucalyptus and pine and palm and for whispering branch symphonies played by wind--

We praise you for sound of frogs and owls and hawks filing air with morning songs--

We praise you for scurrying squirrel in search of food and for even quicker lizard basking slightly in sunlight warmth--

We praise you for butterflies and hummingbirds and bees on daily visitation of lilies and roses and geraniums--

We praise you for purring cat and friendly dog, ambassadors of original grace and love--

We praise you for sustaining all of creation in rightful posture and in holy relation--

We praise and thank you for creation's wisdom--

We praise and thank you for the life-lessons taught to us by all living beings--

We praise and thank you today and now and in all our days.


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