Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friarside Feedback

Many thanks to all of our readers for your feedback and encouragement. Here are a few recent comments. Feel free to contact us by pushing the 'comments' button at the bottom of this or any entry. You can also email us at: We would especially appreciate any suggestions or ideas for themes you would like to see explored in future blog entries. Peace and all good! -- Fr. Chuck

Congratulations...on reaching 10,000 hits! Your blog is an inspiration to me.
--Philip C.
San Francisco, CA

I first became familiar with the Friarside Chats through Fr. Chuck. He travels with his camera in hand; prepared to capture his next story as inspiration strikes. If you spend anytime with him, you are bound to have your picture taken. The Friarside Chats capture both the spirit of St. Francis and of his modern day followers. As I read each posting, I am reminded to recall and reflect on my own daily experiences, through the eyes of faith.

Scott S.
Hood River, Oregon

I have been prompted to read Friarside chats for three reasons (I know, how Trinitatarian). The first is that the blog is written well, and that always helps. The second reason is that it helps me to deepn my own faith journey. And the final reason, is that it helps me keep appraised of the what is happening with my Franciscan siblings!

Jeff D.
Oakland, CA

I have been enjoying your Friarside Chats and have been meaning to thank you. I just finished reading what is on your page and it is wonderful! I especially like the sermon by Dr. Williams. Peace and all good to you,
Sacramento CA

Splendid job on your web site. In a time when religious vocations are being highlighted/ Friarside chats offers a non-threatening opportunity for exploration of the Franciscan community. Your topics are always interesting and offer knowledge on the Franciscan spirituality. I check the column weekly. Our son is currently a novice and we are able to learn so much about the order by checking in with you site. May many be called by seeing what you have to offer.
--Dan B.
Chino Hills, CA

I remembered to log onto your blog and WOW! … Your blog (what an unattractive word, huh?) is beautiful. Love the pictures and the verses.
Malibu, CA


John said...

keep up the good work, Fr. Chuck!

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to see that the Franciscans had a blog, but since studying St. Francis intensely over the last few years, I'm always eager to learn more about Franciscans today.

I'm not Catholic yet I'm drawn to Catholicism and St. Francis particularly. Through study of him, I've also studied with greater interest the teachings of Jesus. I've long been spiritually active in perspective, meditation, prayer, contemplation, journaling and retreat. Francis has added a broader layer to the depths of my devotion.