Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're at 10,000! This calls for a celebration!

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your support of Friarsidechats!
Since May, 2008, we've logged about 10,000 "hits" (i.e., visits) to our site. This calls for a little celebration, don't you think?
We will send a FREE gift (!) to the next 10 people who send us an email now that we've reached the 10,000 mark!

Just write to us at:
with your name, both email and mailing address, and a short statement of what induced you to read the blog. Feel free to suggest any topics or themes we might consider in future blog entries.++

Okay? We'll print the reviews and your first name, and city, but nothing else.

Thanks again!
Fr. Chuck Talley, ofm

++P.S.:Another option is to press the 'comments' button at the bottom of this blog and provide the same info.

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